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How to Install your Hills Hoist ClotheslineUpdated 11 days ago

How to Install your Hills Rotary Clothesline

Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Install Your Hills Hoist Clothesline

The following instructions relate directly to the installation of the  Hills Hoist 7 Line, which is extremely similar to the installation of the Hills Hoist 6 Line and the Hills Rotary 8.

For the installation of this Hills Hoist 8 Line model, you require minimal tools. You need two different types of spirit levels, tape to measure the depth of the hole, a shovel, crowbar and post hole digger to dig the hole, and also gravel to put in the bottom of the hole, followed by the Speed Set concrete.

Hills Hoist 7 Line installed on Soil/Grass

The Hills Rotary Package comes with three main components: the ground socket, the main standard and the head assembly. There are three plastic spacers that go inside the socket to allow the clothesline to be extended if the user is tall. It is important to select a position where there is at least 4.6 metres of space easily accessible and has plenty of sunlight.

The first step in installing your  Hills Hoist 7 Line is to dig a hole that is about 250mm across and 650mm deep. Now after the hole has been dug, 200mm of gravel needs to be placed in the bottom of the hole. To ensure there's enough gravel in the hole to have the socket come level with the lawn, use the socket as a means of measuring the depth.

If the person using the clothesline is tall, place a spacer or three spacers in the socket. The next step is to place the socket over the main standard and lock it in position. The little cap goes into the two slots and you lock it.

  Hills Hoist 7 Line in Cottage Green

To ensure the concrete sets in the bottom of the hole, pour a small amount of water in the hole. The next process is to pour some concrete in the hole around the socket. Water is then poured on top of the concrete. The concrete sets in about 15 minutes, and to ensure the clothesline standard is level, use the two spirit levels.

The next step is to place the head assembly over the standard, slide it downwards until it's firm, lift it slightly, then lock it into position until a click is heard. The final step is to slide the clothesline upwards and lock into position. It's now ready for use!

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