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How To Stop Bird Poo on Washing and LaundryUpdated a month ago

There's nothing more frustrating than going through the effort of doing your laundry, only to find it covered in bird droppings shortly after hanging it out to dry. Birds seem to love targeting clean, dry clothes, causing stress and hassle.

The best way to stop bird poo on your washing

Preventing bird droppings on your laundry is simple with the right clothesline cover. A heavy duty cover can shield your clothes from bird mess effectively.

The clothesline cover pictured below is the perfect solution. Made of heavy duty PVC material, it prevents any bird droppings from getting through. If the cover gets dirty, simply remove it from the clothesline and scrub it with a brush and hose to clean off the bird droppings.

Benefits of Using a Clothesline Cover

The bird poo covers for fold-down and wall-mounted clotheslines are made from waterproof polyethylene material, available in beige. This material not only prevents bird droppings but also protects your clothes from rain, providing excellent shade in your backyard.

Additionally, using a cover on your clothesline helps reduce UV damage to your clothes, extending their lifespan. It provides shade during summer and weather protection during winter, making it a versatile addition to your laundry routine.

Rotary Clothesline with Clothesline Cover in Paper Bark

Fold Down Clothesline with Clothesline Cover in Monument

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