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Replace Your Storm Damaged Clothesline with EaseUpdated a year ago

If you need to replace a storm-damaged clothesline or washing line, Lifestyle Clotheslines offers fast assistance.

storm damaged rotary clothesline

Storm-damaged clotheslines are often covered by home insurance. We provide a free, detailed quote that you can submit to your insurance company to kickstart your claim for a new clothesline.

For insurance claims, installation time can vary from days to weeks based on your insurance company's processing speed.

Services provide for storm damaged clothes line situations include;

  • Supply of free detailed quote for insurance company to start your claim
  • Supply of new clothes line only
  • Supply of Clothesline Installation Service if you want to source your own clothes line or washing line
  • Supply and installation of new clothes line
  • Supply and installation of your new clothes line and removal of storm damaged clothes line

Service area for supply and installation service

  • NSW - Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter region, Wollongong and South Coast NSW down to Nowra
  • VIC - Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula plus Geelong
  • QLD - Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast
  • SA - Adelaide
  • WA - Perth

Clothesline brands available

  • Hills Clotheslines - including all rotary, retractable, folding frame (wall mounted and free standing) plus all traditional Hills Hoist clothes hoist models
  • Austral Clotheslines - including all rotary, retractable, fold down models (wall mounted and free standing)
  • Eco Clotheslines - including fold down clotheslines(wall mounted and free standing)
  • Artweger Clotheslines - Including wall mounted and portable clotheslines
  • Brabantia Clotheslines - including wall mounted and retractable clotheslines
  • EcoDry Clotheslines - including portable clotheslines
  • FoxyDry Clotheslines - including ceiling airers, wall mounted, and fold down models
  • Kitchen Maid - including traditional ceiling airers
  • TopLine Clotheslines - including electric powered ceiling airers

Having trouble picking out the right clothesline for yourself? 

Need some help?

If you find yourself uncertain about the specific type of clothesline or washing line you possess, we encourage you to get in touch with us at 1300 798 779. Our adept and very friendly clothesline support team is prepared to assist you to effectively address your distinct requirements and preferences.

At your convenience, we provide tailor-made quotes for clotheslines that align with your personal needs or those stipulated by your insurance company. We empathise with the frustration that arises from contending with a storm-damaged clothesline, which leaves you without a dedicated space to dry your garments and laundry.

Furthermore, for individuals with meticulous size specifications, we offer the option of crafting fold-down and folding frame clothesline models tailored precisely to your specifications. This ensures that you obtain a solution that seamlessly matches your space and personal preferences.

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