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What Is The Difference Between Plated And Standard Ground Mount Kits?Updated 25 days ago

What Is The Difference Between Standard Ground Mount Kits And Plated Ground Mount Kits For A Foldown Line?

We get asked this everyday.

To make it simple, the standard ground mount kit is the most common ground mount kit that you'll buy for your  Fold Down Clotheslines. This is where you get a set of two posts and a rear bar, and you're going to dig a couple of holes into the ground, and then cement the posts into the ground.

Eco Clothesline with Standard Ground Mount Kit & Lowline Attachment

If you don't have that sort of grass, soil top surface and it's a concrete slab where you actually want to place the fold down clothesline, this is the situation where you're going to need the plated ground mount kit. This is essentially the two posts and rear spreader bar again, but those two posts have got a metal plate welded to the bottom of them. So you can then dyna bolt it down on top of the concrete surface.Eco Clothesline with Plated Ground Mount Kit

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