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What is the Sunchaser Mobile Clothesline?Updated 9 months ago

The Sunchaser Mobile Clothesline: An Australian Innovation for Effortless Drying

When it comes to efficient and convenient laundry drying solutions, the Sunchaser Mobile Clothesline stands out as a true Australian innovation. Designed and crafted in Australia using high quality materials, this mobile clothesline offers a revolutionary approach to outdoor drying right in your backyard.

Unparalleled Line Space

One of the standout features of the Sunchaser is its remarkable 48 meters of total line space, rivaling that of a traditional rotary hoist. This ample line space, combined with the portability of a mobile clothesline, transforms laundry days into a breeze and opens up a world of sun-soaked drying locations.

Built to Brave the Elements

Constructed with durability in mind, the Sunchaser Mobile Clothesline is proudly made from all Australian materials, ensuring it can withstand the harshest outdoor elements. Whether it's under the scorching sun or facing the occasional rain shower, the Sunchaser is engineered to endure.

Convenience at its Core

Ease of use and convenience are at the heart of the Sunchaser's design. The easy-fold frames are a testament to this philosophy, allowing you to effortlessly fold them up and down with a single click on each side. This feature not only simplifies storage but also makes the Sunchaser suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Impressive Features

  • Dual Frame Function: The Sunchaser's double frame system enables you to dry all your family's laundry, including queen-sized sheets, with ease.
  • Australian Made and Manufactured: Crafted locally in the traditional way, the Sunchaser represents the enduring quality of Australian manufacturing.
  • Strong and Durable Steel Construction: Built to last, the Sunchaser is made with Galvabond steel tubing and high-quality components.
  • Free Standing, Portable, and Easy to Move: Say goodbye to fixed positions; the Sunchaser can be effortlessly relocated, whether outdoors or undercover.
  • Rotary Size Line Space with the Convenience of a Mobile Clothesline: This is the largest mobile clothesline in Australia, and it's here to revolutionize the way you dry your laundry.
  • Exclusive Anti-Sag Blanket or Doona Drying Rod: Dry your largest sheets, doonas, or rugs without worrying about sagging lines.

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