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Which Clotheslines are Australian Made?Updated a year ago

Introducing our premium selection of Australian Made Clotheslines, featuring renowned brands like Austral, Eco, Evolution, EcoDry and Sunchaser Clotheslines. Each brand offers distinct benefits to cater to your specific needs.

Austral Clotheslines, a trusted name in the industry, presents a diverse array of products that accommodate various preferences. With a focus on versatility, both brands offer an assortment of fixed and removable rotaries, retractables, and fold down models.

Austral Super 4 Clothes Hoist

Eco Clotheslines takes fold-down designs to the next level, allowing for personalized adjustments in width and depth to suit your space requirements. Starting from 600mm and extending up to 1500mm, these tailor-made clotheslines ensure a perfect fit. What's more, all our products boast sturdy galvanized steel frames, proudly embodying Australian craftsmanship.

Eco 240 Clotheslines in Classic Cream

In addition to our flagship brands, we introduce the Evolution Clotheslines—a collection of stainless steel clotheslines crafted from top-tier 316 marine grade stainless steel. Produced locally in Sydney, these clotheslines epitomize quality and durability.

Evolution Fixed Stainless Steel Clothesline

For those seeking portable solutions, our lineup includes the remarkable EcoDry Clotheslines. Designed with adjustable height and discreet castor wheels, it effortlessly maneuvers within your living space. 
EcoDry Portable Clothesline
Additionally, we also have the Sunchaser Clotheslines which offers a durable and innovative mobile solution. With an impressive 48m of total line space, akin to a Rotary Hoist, laundry days become effortless, aided by endless sun-soaked drying possibilities.

Sunchaser Mobile Clothesline

Elevate your clothesline experience with our Australian-made offerings, delivering exceptional quality, design, and practicality to your home.

Curious about the details of our Australian-made clotheslines? Feel free to reach out to us at 1300 798 779, where our knowledgeable team is ready to address all your queries. Alternatively, you can explore our offerings at or send us a chat via our website, gaining valuable insights into our exceptional range.

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