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Can I install a Fold Down Clothesline directly onto a fence?Updated a year ago

When contemplating the addition of a Fold Down Clothesline onto your fence, it's important to keep local regulations in mind. Nonetheless, we discourage this practice due to foreseeable concerns related to both the structural integrity of the fence and potential strains on neighborly relations as time progresses.

Furthermore, we strongly caution against the installation of a clothesline on a fence. The inherent lack of solid surfaces in fences can result in shifting or deformation over an extended period, which in turn might lead to the gradual leaning or warping of the fence in that specific area.

Hills Compact Clothesline installed to a fence

If a direct attachment to the fence proves challenging or unsuitable, there's a viable alternative: consider purchasing a Ground Mount Kit. This involves situating the kit in close proximity to the fence, ensuring a secure foundation for your clothesline system. 

It's worth mentioning that the Ground Mount Kit option is available with Austral, Eco, and Hills brands.

Types of Ground Mount Kits:

  • Standard Ground Mount Kit: Tailored for installation on soil or grassy areas, this kit typically includes a set of posts designed to be firmly anchored into the ground. It provides stability and support for your clothesline.
  • Plated Ground Mount Kit: Ideal for setting up the clothesline on solid surfaces like concrete slabs, this kit features metal plates that can be securely affixed to the ground. The plates serve as a reliable base for your clothesline system.

Austral Clothesline with Ground Mount Kit

Eco Clothesline with Plated Ground Mount Kit

Hills Clothesline with Ground Mount Kit

For further insights into the intricacies of mounting a clothesline on modern surfaces, you might find this article on 'Mounting a Clothesline on Modern Surfaces' to be a valuable resource.

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