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Fold Down Clotheslines

Find answers to common questions about fold down clotheslines.

What Are the Wall Bracket Dimensions of Eco Clotheslines?

When considering the wall bracket dimensions of Eco Clotheslines, it's important to have a clear understanding of their specifications. Here are the key dimensions for the wall mounting brackets:. Width of wall bracket: 40mm. Length of wall bracket f

Can I make the width of my Austral Fold Down Clothesline shorter?

Yes, this is very easy to do, just trim down the front bars of each frame before assembly to reduce the width. All you need to do this is a hacksaw or angle grinder or any other steel cutting equipment. The video below shows how to adjust or modify t

Can I install a clothesline on the wall of my garage or shed?

If you want to put a Fold Down or Retractable Clothesline on your garage or shed wall, that's doable. But, before you do it, make sure the wall is strong enough. You need to be sure the wall can handle the weight of the clothesline without getting da

Do Wall Mount Clotheslines Fold Down?

Are you wondering whether wall mount clotheslines can be folded down? The answer is YES – wall mount clotheslines are designed to fold down neatly against the wall. Operating these clotheslines is incredibly straightforward. It involves a simple one-

What's the Largest Wall Mounted Clothesline?

These days, everyone wants more hanging space and is looking for the biggest wall mount clothesline available. The biggest Wall Mount Clothesline  available is the Eco 333 Clothesline. You'll find that one under the Fold Down Category on our website

Can I Mount A Fold Down Clothesline Free Standing?

Fold down Clotheslines are frequently associated with wall mounting, yet there's more to their potential than meets the eye. While the conventional setup leans towards wall attachment, a noteworthy feature exists – the optional ground mount kit. The

How to Determine the Right Size for a Fold Down Clothesline?

To ensure you choose the correct size for your fold down clothesline, follow these steps:. Measure Your Space: Start by measuring the width and depth of the area where you plan to install the fold-down clothesline. This entails measuring the space fr

What Are the Wall Bracket Dimensions of Austral Fold Down Clotheslines

The diversity of the Austral Fold Down clothesline range encompasses numerous models, yet one consistent element prevails – the identical mounting bracket size present in all these meticulously crafted Australian-made Fold Down Clotheslines by Austra

How to Install the Brabantia Wallfix Clothesline?

The Brabantia Wallfix Clothesline is renowned as a highly sought-after option for wall-mounted clotheslines, especially in areas with limited wall space. This ingenious Brabantia WallFix Clothesline is engineered to snugly fit even the smallest areas

What Is A Lowline Attachment?

Our collection of Eco Clotheslines products within the Fold Down Category of clotheslines has garnered significant popularity. Frequently, we receive inquiries from our customers, who often ask us, "What exactly is a Lowline Attachment?". The Lowline

Can I use the side of the house for an Austral Slenderline Clothesline instead of the backyard?

Absolutely! The Austral Slenderline 16 Clothesline and Austral Slenderline 20 Clothesline are among the most compact options, boasting a mere 600mm depth. This design makes them a perfect fit for narrower side paths, typically around 800mm-900mm wide

How far below the main clothesline does the Eco Lowline Attachment hang?

The Eco Lowline attachment is 400mm lower down from the main frame section on the Eco Clotheslines. The Lowline attachment is 300mm wide and has 4 additional lines, plus the Lowline frame section itself can be unhooked from the main frame so you can

How soon can I expect to receive the Eco Clothesline if I place an order today?

For the Eco Clotheslines, please be aware that they require a production time of 15 to 20 business days. This waiting period reflects our dedication to crafting clotheslines of exceptional quality that cater to your distinct preferences. These items

What are the specifications for the Eco Clothesline Plated Ground Mount Kit?

The Eco Clotheslines Plated Ground Mount Kit offers a perfect solution for securely fastening your clothesline to flat concrete surfaces. This versatile kit can be added to any Eco Clothesline product, enhancing its stability. Take a look at the spec

What Austral Clotheslines are available to be used as an extra clothesline for wet weather drying?

Click the image below to get instant access to the fold down clothesline buyers guide. Click the image below to download your free guide to the Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Fold Down clothesline. There are many things to consider with a Fold

What does ‘Standard’ Eco Ground Mount Kit mean?

The Standard Eco Ground Mount Kit mean is the type of post kit that you will need if you are installing the posts into a grass/soil area in the back yard for the clothesline to be free standing. It is 2 x Posts which are 40mm x 40mm (approx. 2150mm i

What does a ‘Plated’ Ground Mount Kit mean?

The Plated Ground Mount Kit is a versatile installation solution designed to simplify the process of securing posts to an existing concrete surface. This kit eliminates the need for traditional concrete drilling or jack hammering. Each post is though

What Are Fold Down Clotheslines Made Of?

There's a widespread misconception that modern Fold Down Clotheslines are predominantly fashioned from plastic materials. However, this belief doesn't quite align with reality. In truth, the majority of Fold Down Clotheslines are engineered using rob

Can I Get A Wall Mount Clothesline Or Foldown Clothesline In A Special Size?

When considering Hills or Austral Fold Down Clotheslines, it's important to note that these models are typically not offered in custom sizes. They are manufactured with specific dimensions in mind. However, there is room for flexibility as you have t

Can I install a Fold Down Clothesline directly onto a fence?

When contemplating the addition of a Fold Down Clothesline onto your fence, it's important to keep local regulations in mind. Nonetheless, we discourage this practice due to foreseeable concerns related to both the structural integrity of the fence a

Is it Possible to Reduce the Width of the Eco Clothesline?

Yes! Accomplishing your request is quite straightforward, particularly with Eco Clotheslines. We can easily adjust the front bar before assembly to reduce the overall width, and the best part is, this service comes at no extra cost to you. When you'r

Will the Waterproof Cover fit all the depth sizes available on the Eco 240 Clothesline?

No, not entirely, the smallest size of 600mm is not suitable for the optional cover. Any depth size from 750mm upwards will suit the cover. For help and advice on installing this Eco Clothesline, please click the following link for Eco 240 clotheslin

Is it possible to install my Fold Down Clothesline on a wall shorter than the clothesline's length?

Certainly, this option applies specifically to certain Austral Unit Clotheslines. All Austral folding frame units come with a tubular steel front bar, which can be adjusted to a shorter length using tools such as a hack saw or angle grinder. To proce

Can the Fold Down Clothesline be installed on a wall that isn't made of brick?

Yes, you can, but it's important to ensure that the mounting brackets align with the timber studs in the wall. If not, you may be able to customise the width of the clothesline to suit the studs. Here are the surfaces that are suitable for wall mount