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What does a ‘Plated’ Ground Mount Kit mean?Updated 10 months ago

The Plated Ground Mount Kit is a versatile installation solution designed to simplify the process of securing posts to an existing concrete surface. This kit eliminates the need for traditional concrete drilling or jack hammering.

Each post is thoughtfully designed with metal plates skillfully welded to the bottom, complete with strategically positioned holes for secure dyna-bolting onto the concrete surface. This versatile ground mount kit is available for both Austral and Eco Clotheslines, ensuring compatibility with a range of products.

For a closer inspection of the base of a Plated Post, simply browse through the images below.

Eco Plated Ground Mount Kit

Austral Plated Ground Mount Kit

The kit includes 2 x Posts, each measuring 40mm x 40mm and standing at approximately 1800mm in height. Additionally, you'll receive 1 x Rear Spreader Bar as part of the package.

Notably, these posts offer the advantage of height adjustability, providing the flexibility you need for your installation requirements.

Eco 180 Clothesline with a Plated Ground Mount Kit

Austral Unit Line 15 with Plated Ground Mount Kit
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