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What Is A Lowline Attachment?Updated 2 months ago

What Does The Lowline Attachment Mean?

Our collection of Eco Clotheslines products within the Fold Down Category of clotheslines has garnered significant popularity. Frequently, we receive inquiries from our customers, who often ask us, "What exactly is a Lowline Attachment?"

The Lowline Attachment is an extra frame available for specific Eco models, featuring three additional lines. When you browse our product pages, you'll find images showcasing the Eco Lowline Attachment.

Eco 300  Clothesline with Lowline Attachment
These images highlight the Lowline Attachment with its three extra lines, extending hanging space by 12 meters. Positioned about 400 millimeters below the main frame, it optimizes utility without compromising aesthetics. You can fold it down separately for convenient storage or leave it attached to the main frame, folding in harmony with the primary clothesline. This adaptable addition enhances hanging capacity and offers flexible usage options.Eco Clothesline with Lowline AttachmentEco Clothesline with Lowline Attachment(Folded Down)

The units the Eco Lowline attachment fits include:

  • Eco 120 Clothesline
  • Eco 150 Clothesline
  • Eco 180 Clothesline
  • Eco 210 Clothesline
  • Eco 240 Clothesline
  • Eco 270 Clothesline
  • Eco 300 Clothesline
  • Eco 333 Clothesline

If you need to know a bit more about those low line attachments, just give us a call and you can speak to one of our experts here at Lifestyle Clotheslines, so just ring us on 1300 798 779 or just visit us here right at

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