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What Are the Wall Bracket Dimensions of Eco Clotheslines?Updated 10 months ago

When considering the wall bracket dimensions of Eco Clotheslines, it's important to have a clear understanding of their specifications. Here are the key dimensions for the wall mounting brackets:

Wall Bracket Dimensions

Width of wall bracket: 40mm

Length of wall bracket for standard unit: 300mm

Length of wall bracket for unit with lowline attachment added: 470mm

Distance between vertical mounting holes: 175mm

Overall width mounting hole centers positioned 70mm in from each side: e.g., For a 2400mm overall width, hole centers at 2260mm; for a 3000mm width, centers at 2860mm.

Eco 270 ClotheslineEco Clothesline Lowline Attachment Dimensions

The Eco Lowline Attachments hangs down 400mm from the main frame.

Width: 350mm

Adds 3 additional lines.

Foldable to lie flat against the clothesline when not in use.

These dimensions define the practicality and adaptability of Eco Clotheslines, ensuring efficient installation and enhanced drying capacity with the lowline attachment.

Eco Clothesline with Lowline Attachment
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