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Can I Mount A Fold Down Clothesline Free Standing?Updated a year ago

Fold down Clotheslines are frequently associated with wall mounting, yet there's more to their potential than meets the eye. While the conventional setup leans towards wall attachment, a noteworthy feature exists – the optional ground mount kit.

The question remains: Can I Mount A Fold Down Clothesline Free Standing?

Should you be eyeing a specific model, and the desire for free-standing functionality beckons, you'll find your answer conveniently displayed on the product page. A straightforward option labeled "add ground mount kit" awaits your consideration. For an even more comprehensive selection, check out the Hills, Austral, and Eco Ground Mount Kits, readily accessible within the Accessories Category on our website.

Types of Ground Mount Kits:

There are two types of ground mount kits available to cater to various installation surfaces:

  • Plated Ground Mount Kit: This kit is suitable for installing the clothesline on a concrete slab or other hard surfaces. It often includes metal plates that can be fixed to the ground, providing a stable base for the clothesline.

    Austral Compact 28 Clothesline with Plated Ground Mount Kit
  • Standard Ground Mount Kit: This kit is designed for installation on soil or grassy areas. It typically includes a set of posts that can be anchored securely into the ground.

Eco 300 Clothesline with Standard Ground Mount Kit

Hills Double Clothesline with Standard Ground Mount Kit

Installation Height: For optimal functionality and user convenience, the recommended installation height for fold-down clotheslines is usually around 1800mm (approximately 6 feet) above the ground. This height allows for comfortable loading and unloading of laundry without the clothesline being too high or too low.

If you're yearning for deeper insights into the viability of a free-standing fold down clothesline, our dedicated team is just a phone call away at 1300 798 779. Alternatively, you can explore our offerings firsthand at – your destination for laundry solutions that adapt to your lifestyle.

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