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What's the Largest Wall Mounted Clothesline?Updated 3 months ago

These days, everyone wants more hanging space and is looking for the biggest wall mount clothesline available.

The biggest Wall Mount Clothesline  available is the Eco 333 Clothesline. You'll find that one under the Fold Down Category on our website and this Australian made beauty is built to last.

eco 333 wall mounted clotheslineEco 333 clothesline installed on a brick wall including optional lowline attachment
With this particular model, you have the flexibility to choose from various depth sizes to suit your needs. The clothesline itself is 3.33m wide, offering ample space for drying your laundry.

Additionally, you can select a depth option ranging from 600mm to 1200mm, providing you with a customizable solution that perfectly fits your available space and preferences.

In essence, this is the largest wall-mounted clothesline available, giving you the advantage of both width and depth choices to optimize your laundry drying experience.

Benefits of Eco 333 Clothesline

  • Easily hold all the family washing and laundry for up to a family of 6
  • Dry King and Super King sheets without folding
  • Folds away when not required
  • Wall or Ground Mount options

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Other Big Capacity Wall Mount Options

If you need to know more about the biggest wall mount clothesline available, just give us a call on 1300 798 779 or visit us right here at

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