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What are the specifications for the Eco Clothesline Plated Ground Mount Kit?Updated 10 months ago

The Eco Clotheslines Plated Ground Mount Kit offers a perfect solution for securely fastening your clothesline to flat concrete surfaces. This versatile kit can be added to any Eco Clothesline product, enhancing its stability.

Take a look at the specifications for the Eco Plated Ground Mount Kit:

  • Height of Legs including base plate: 1800mm (adjustable for a fee of $30 to accommodate your needs)
  • Leg mounting position: 80mm in from the edge of the clothesline
  • Plate length: 160mm
  • Plate width: 75mm
  • Position of post on the plate: 40mm in from the back edge of the plate
  • Post Size: 40mm x 40mm
  • These specifications ensure a sturdy and efficient setup, tailored to your requirements

Eco 240 Clothesline with Plated Ground Mount Kit

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